Spinal Cord Injury Compensation - the difference it can make to life post-injury

Spinal cord injury compensation

What is personal injury compensation

In the broadest sense, compensation is a pecuniary award received by an individual after sustaining an injury which has resulted from someone else’s negligence. The principle behind any award of compensation (damages) is to put the injured person (the Claimant) back in the financial position he would have been in, had the injury not occurred.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) compensation is intended to serve as a lifetime payment to cover all past and future losses.  In the main compensation is compiled of two elements; general damages and special damages. The former is an award for the effect of the injury (pain, suffering and loss of amenity).  Special damages is an award for any financial loss that flows from the injury; for things like loss of income, medical prescriptions, costs of care, additional travel costs, accommodation, adaptations and any aids and equipment.

Whilst money won’t turn the clock back, it provides the means to enable you to lead a full and independent life as possible.

Spinal cord injury compensation - support for life

Spinal injury compensation not only acts as a source of financial support from the outset, but also as a channel of continuous support for the future.  At Aspire Law whilst achieving the very highest level of compensation (often many millions of pounds), we also arrange expert financial advice so that after receiving your SCI compensation, you can make informed decisions on how best to invest your money. This ensures that you get the maximum return over the course of your lifetime.

Aspire Law can also settle your claim on a periodical payment basis.  Instead of receiving one lump sum, a compensation payment is received annually.  This sum is designed to be sufficient to cover all aspects of ongoing expenditure and an income for life.  It is also linked to relevant indexation. This guarantees that these payments retain their value and increase each year on par with inflation rates. When this option is preferred often the award consists of both a lump sum element and an annual income, thus providing an immediate cash injection and thereafter financial security for life.  

The difference spinal cord injury compensation can make to life post injury

One client, Richard, sustained a spinal cord injury following a fall down the stairs. This was days after he had entered his retirement, where he had been planning on exploring places he’d always wanted, and generally pursuing an active lifestyle.  The compensation he received provided Richard and his wife money for accommodation, adaptations, transport, equipment and care. Richard’s wife said:

Compensation has allowed us to push the boundaries…it's allowed Richard to look at… equipment that would make life easier that we couldn't afford beforehand.

"Richard now has an all-terrain wheelchair; if I’m going out walking he can come with me. It’s allowed us to look at slightly different holidays where we are going to need another carer with us or specialist equipment. It has…allowed us to continue really living.” 

The compensation you receive will significantly increase your options and allow you to lead an active and independent life despite your injury.  

The spinal cord injury compensation claim process

We assemble a partner led team for every SCI claim that we handle, our teams only deal with a very small number of cases at any one time; meaning we have the time to get to know our clients and provide a truly personal and professional service. This ensures our clients are integral to the process and we achieve the best possible outcomes in a timely manner.

Throughout your claim, Aspire Law will be in regular contact with you to ensure that you are kept up to date and understand the legal process and the progress of your claim. To find out more about the compensation claim process, please click here.

At Aspire Law we are wholly committed to achieving the highest levels of compensation.   We use the best experts and the most eminent barristers to ensure the maximum amount of damages is achieved.  

Aspire Law will manage all aspects of your claim.  As well as obtaining you compensation we make sure that you’re also given the practical help needed to face the challenges you meet following injury.  Where appropriate we can arrange an immediate needs assessment and instruct a case manager who will manage your day to day requirements and source any equipment and services that might be required by you.  If necessary, we can arrange a power of attorney so that your affairs can be managed by a member of your family, whilst you concentrate on your rehabilitation, for example.   

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