Spinal Injuries Abroad

If you have an accident overseas that causes you to sustain a spinal cord injury, we are here to help. Over the years, we have acted successfully for several clients who have sustained injuries abroad.

spinal cord injury abroad

We know through experience that for both the injured person and their family, an accident overseas can be traumatic and stressful. This is often made worse when dealing with an unfamiliar healthcare system and encountering language and cultural differences.

Our first priority in these cases is to ensure that you are receiving the best possible medical care. We also ensure that immediate family needs, such as accommodation and funding, are taken care of. And, as soon as it is appropriate, we work with the relevant organisations to arrange a return to the UK in order for you to continue treatment and rehabilitation at home.

Accidents that happen abroad can present many technical and legal difficulties, so it is very important that you contact a solicitor who has had experience in this highly complex field.

At Aspire Law, our solicitors are experienced at dealing with spinal cord injury accidents that happen abroad; and we are familiar with the European legislation that provides the guidance on how to manage these cases. We also have excellent contacts with specialist barristers and overseas lawyers who can give good quality advice in the country where your accident happened.