Road Traffic Accident Spinal Injuries

Over the last 10 years, developments in safety technologies and road safety awareness have led to a decrease in the number of serious road traffic accidents. Despite these improvements, unfortunately, road traffic accidents remain to be the most common cause of Spinal Cord Injury.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a road traffic accident and have sustained a spinal cord injury as a result, then you should speak to a specialist law firm who can help you make a claim for a life changing compensation.

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Spinal Injury from a Road Accident

Aspire Law are the only specialist UK law firm to deal exclusively with spinal cord injury compensation claims. Our lawyers are experts in this field and have a long and successful track record of helping individuals and their families after being injured on the road.

We are currently working with and helping many clients across the UK who have sustained a spinal cord injury due to a road traffic accident. There is no one single cause of spinal injuries, and our experience tells us that no one case is the same.

Our cases include spinal injuries that have been sustained by a pedestrian hit by a car, a passenger who was being driven by a close relative, as well as a cyclist who was hit by a negligent car driver whilst on his way to work in the morning rush hour.

Our solicitors will be happy to visit you and your family, either at home or in the hospital, as you undergo your program of rehabilitation. We can explain to you why Aspire Law is a unique law firm, which as a social enterprise partnership with Aspire shares 50% of its profit to help provide services and equipment to help improve the lives of people who have sustained a spinal cord injury.