Victims of Terror - How are they Compensated?

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With the UK terror threat raised to critical - it’s unsurprising the nation has been feeling uncertain, particularly in light of the events that have taken place this summer. The attack on Westminster sent shock waves through the country, followed by the appalling Manchester bombing. The third attack on London Bridge left many people both confused and concerned about what the future holds for the UK - and the rest of the world when it comes to terrorism, after Australia recently announced a foiled plan to take down a plane.  


The Aftermath of Terror Attacks in the UK


Aspire Law knows just how much of an impact, both short and long term, these tragic incidents can have. The innocent victims of these attacks and their families will suffer for the rest of their lives having sustained disabilities, injuries and considerable trauma. Damian Horan, Legal Director at Aspire Law, recently featured in the Solicitors Journal when he argued for justice for all - regardless of the circumstances of the attack.   


The priority in these cases is to always protect the victim’s wellbeing, whilst obtaining the best possible outcome with minimal stress to those involved. This will ensures the immediate needs of the victim are supported, so they may recover effectively and live a comfortable life. 


Compensation for Victims of Terror


The current legislative framework does not treat all victims of terror equitably, determined instead by the nature of the attack itself. The outcome could rest upon whether a vehicle was used in the attack or not - which could change the result for those affected and the support they can expect to receive. 


When vehicles are used compensation is paid for through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB). This allows for a settlement based on the acute needs of the victim - which in the case of the attacks on central London, would be dealt with accordingly. However, the Manchester bombings will be compensated differently - in the same way as all criminal activity is set - according to a tariff in parliament first administered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in 1996. 


The CICA scheme is judged according to the severity of the injuries sustained but the highest tariff level is £500,000, being the maximum amount a person can receive however badly they or their family are affected. Also the legal fees incurred are not recoverable under the CICA scheme, which eats into any compensation a victim might receive. Before 1996 - compensation for terror attacks was offered on a common law basis and legal costs were covered additionally, similar to the way normal injury compensation is reviewed. 


The amount of compensation received by someone affected by the Manchester attacks would be significantly different to the amount received by a victim of the Westminster attacks - even if they had the same injuries. The difference could be as much as ten times greater, possibly more.  The CICA compensation cap would limit the amount received by someone in the Manchester attack - which would, over a relatively short period of time, prove insufficient to compensate the victim and would run out.


A Consistent and Equitable Approach - Aspire Law Solicitors. 


Aspire Law currently acts for several clients who have sustained a spinal cord injury; the result of a criminal act by a third party, to include the Westminster Bridge attack.   We are constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of those affected by disability through accident or a fault that was not theirs. Due to the current regulations concerning the way compensation for incidents of terror is dealt with in the UK, we urge the Government to reconsider the implications of the CICA scheme, in particular its limitations on compensation available for victims of terror. 

As a unique venture between the Charity Aspire and Moore Barlow Solicitors - Aspire Law are specialists in spinal injury claims. Our aim is to make what can often be a very difficult and stressful time period, into one which encourages a positive rehabilitation.


Of course; no amount of compensation can turn the clock back, yet - being safe in the knowledge that you will be able to benefit from a high standard of care and rehabilitation whilst recovering and adapting to life after injury offers peace of mind. 


If you would like to find out about how Damien or another member of the Aspire Law specialist team can assist your claim, please get in contact on 02380 718 014 or email at


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