Returning to work after Spinal Cord Injury

Returning to work after a spinal cord injury is for some people, just not possible. For those that do want to return to work, sometimes the hurdles are difficult to overcome. Employers are often not always keen to facilitate a return to work for their employees and are not aware of their obligations under the law.

For many people a return to work will require retraining in a compeletly  new set of skills, because the tasks that they used to complete in the workplace are no longer possible. Specialist suport organisations play an important role in providing this type of assistance.

Specialist support for people who have sustained a spinal cord injury and want to get back to work does exist in this country and there are some excellent examples of organisations that provide retraining courses and have excellent job re- entry results.

The article attached shows a very interesting scheme that is run with considerable success in Australia.

We would be interested to hear from any organisations in this country that run and operate similar schemes so that we can point our clients in your direction.


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