Loss of blood supply to spinal cord

A loss of blood supply to the spinal cord can lead to serious dysfunction or paralysis. As with all tissues in the body, the spinal cord requires a constant supply of oxygenated blood to remain fully functional and prevent serious tissue damage. A blockage or tear to the arteries that lead to the spinal cord will result in essential blood supplies being lost.

If you believe health professionals failed to detect and rectify a loss of blood supply to the spinal cord during a surgical procedure, before irreparable damage occurred, then you may be able to claim compensation.

Causes of blood supply loss

Surgical procedures can result in an unintended loss of blood supply to the spinal cord. If this isn’t detected or rectified as quickly as possible, it can lead to a life-changing spinal cord injury. This is rare but it can and does happen.

A rare loss of blood supply can occur during a spinal surgery, but it can also potentially happen during non-spinal surgeries as well (e.g. abdominal or heart surgery). The risk and ability to detect and rectify any loss of blood supply will depend on the type of surgery being performed.

In certain circumstances the reason for the lack of blood supply could be the result of surgical error which could have been avoided. If this is the case, you may have a potential claim.

Loss of bloody supply to the spinal cord compensation

If you became paralysed or sustained neurological injuries such as weak limbs, bladder or bowel disturbance or impaired sensation following surgery, and were told there were issues with the blood supply, you may wish to speak to us.

At Aspire Law we specialise solely in spinal-cord injury claims and have an extensive medical negligence department that includes people who have dual qualification and are medically trained. Our lawyers have acted for clients who have sustained a loss of blood supply to the spinal cord, which was not identified or treated quickly enough, resulting in irreversible paralysis.


Compensation aims to help people with a spinal cord injury as a result of negligence adjust to their new circumstances and lead a fulfilling life. Compensation can provide financial support in rebuilding lives and helping you to fund customisations, including:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Care support
  • Aids and equipment
  • Re-education and training
  • Therapeutic services
  • Case management

Rehabilitation and other life adaptations are vital in helping you manage and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing in the months and years to come. The extent of your disability and the effect it has had on your life, will play a decisive role in the size of settlement you may be awarded.

Whilst nothing will change what has happened to you, if your spinal injury claim is successful, you’ll potentially have an important financial cushion as you adjust to your new life.

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