Back Up provides mentoring to double the number of people in 2022/23

Back Up has announced that it has provided mentoring to 203 individuals this year, double the number of people who were matched with a mentor in 2019/20.

The mentoring scheme is sponsored by Aspire Law, the leading law firm specialising in spinal cord injury cases. “We are delighted to have matched more people with mentors than ever before, but we know that there is a greater need,” says Abigail Lock, CEO of Back Up. “We have a goal of mentoring three times more people affected by spinal cord injury.”


To achieve this goal, Back Up launched ‘Mentorloop’ in April to better connect mentors with mentees and to better understand its impact. This initiative has helped the charity to average a real-time quality score of 4.52 out of 5 this last financial year.


In addition to its mentoring program, Back Up has also launched The Back Up Lounge, an online forum where no topic is off-limits. The forum has been attended 1064 times, providing a space for those affected by spinal cord injuries to share their experiences and seek support.


The impact of Back Up’s mentoring program has been profound, as one mentee attested:”My mentor really changed my life. I don’t think she realizes what she’s done to help me. I will be forever grateful for her. She’s amazing!”


Looking to the future, Back Up has set ambitious targets for 2025. The charity aims to provide more in-depth one-on-one support to those who are really struggling, increasing its capacity to mentor three times more people with a spinal cord injury and their family members. Back Up also plans to establish a parent support program and parent mentoring to help parents come to terms with what has happened and adjust positively to life post-injury.


“Everyone affected by spinal cord injury can connect with someone in a similar situation to themselves, to overcome challenges and achieve goals that matter to them,” said Abigail Lock. “We are committed to providing the support that people need to live fulfilling lives after a spinal cord injury.”


Aspire Law is proud to sponsor the Mentoring programme, which is aimed at providing a safe and supportive community for those affected by spinal cord injuries. At Aspire Law we recognise the importance of providing comprehensive support to individuals and families affected by spinal cord injuries, and believe that mentoring and community engagement can make a significant difference to many people’s lives. Aspire Law remains committed to supporting these initiatives and looks forward to continuing its work with Back Up to help all those affected by spinal cord injuries.