The Jackson Reforms and the Impact On Personal Injury Law

In April 2013, a change in the law significantly affected how personal injury claims are handled.

Before this date, the concept of "no win no fee" was fairly simple. If you won your case, your solicitor’s basic costs, success fees (more about this later), insurance costs, and your compensation were all paid for by the losing party. You kept all of your damages.

The situation now is very different because not all of your solicitor’s costs will be paid for by the losing party in a successful case. Many solicitors charge a “success fee” — in effect a bonus for winning your case — which is in addition to their normal fees. This will no longer be paid for by the losing party.

In most cases, the solicitor will now deduct their success fee from your compensation award. In some cases, this could amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds.


No Success Fee

For personal injury matters, we don’t charge a success fee. Why? Because we want to make sure you receive the maximum amount of money to aid your rehabilitation and provide security for you and your family for the rest of your life. Our costs, in a successful case, will be paid for by the losing party.

This means that with Aspire Law, following a successful personal injury claim, you keep all of your compensation and you will never owe us a penny. We may advise you to take out a separate insurance policy to protect you financially should your case be unsuccessful. We will explain this to you in more detail should this be necessary.

We are different at Aspire Law. Because we are a joint venture with our charity partner Aspire, our main purpose is to support people with spinal injury so we put the interests of our clients first. We do not just pick the potentially highest value cases — instead we take every case, big or small, on its merits. Our highly experienced team of solicitors have many years' experience of dealing with claims of all sizes and values. We have access to leading experts who may be able to help where others could not or would not. We will always give you an honest opinion of your prospects of success.

Clinical Negligence cases and cases conducted under the Motor Insurers Bureau and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Award schemes will be subject to alternative funding arrangements.   Contact us to discuss the funding options available. 


Second Opinions for Spinal Injury Claims

So, if you have already spoken to a solicitor and they have said that you do not have a case, then give us a call — we will be happy to give you a second opinion from our own very different perspective. And if you are not satisfied with the way your case is being handled by your current solicitors, please feel free to contact us for a second opinion.


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