New rehabilitation model will benefit specialist spinal cord injury charity

spinal cord injury rehab

Leading spinal cord injury specialist, Aspire Law, a partnership between Aspire, a national spinal cord injury charity and Moore Barlow solicitors, has entered into a joint venture agreement with The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital to create a new rehabilitation model called Aspire Law Rehabilitation.

Under the new venture, client’s that have sustained serious spinal cord injuries that require intensive neurological rehabilitation will be able to receive this by accessing specialist services from the hospital, which has an international reputation for treating people with spinal cord injuries and acquired brain injuries.  The hospital also invests in the latest rehabilitation technology as part of its intensive therapy programmes, so patients are able to make significant functional gains faster, even after many years post injury.

 The new model aims to create an alternative patient pathway, which will complement services provided by the NHS, whilst at the same time freeing valuable resources where patients have the ability to pay for treatment through insurance, as a result of a personal injury claim. 

 In addition The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital has agreed to make a charitable contribution for each referral made under the scheme to Aspire, with these monies being reinvested by the charity into the work it does, providing continued and sustained benefit to those with Spinal Cord Injury, including those unable to pursue personal injury claims. It is hoped that the scheme will raise over £100,000 worth of charitable donations.

Damian Horan, Legal Director of Aspire Law, comments: “Maintaining the health and wellbeing of patients after they have received NHS treatment is a crucial issue following serious injury. A deterioration of the patient’s health can lead to further NHS treatment being required, as well as placing pressure on social care. 

 “This new model will allow patients to access high quality rehabilitation and care, ensuring that those that have sustained serious injury are provided with the best chances of recovery.”

Aspire, the charity will use monies received from the hospital to support and expand existing projects like the Aspire Housing Programme, which provide accessible accommodation to patients being discharged from hospital who would otherwise have nowhere suitable to live, and the charity’s grant-giving scheme that helps spinally injured people afford essential specialist equipment. As well as this, funds will also support new projects which the charity may be planning. 

Andrew Norman, Chief Executive of The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital says: “We are committed to transforming the lives of adults with neurological conditions to create positive new futures and maximum independence and choice wherever possible.

“We are delighted that our joint venture Aspire Law Rehabilitation, will enable more adults with spinal cord injuries to access our intensive rehabilitation programmes that incorporate the latest rehabilitation technology and specialist neuro expertise to provide better outcomes for our patients.”

 He adds: “Through this venture, we are able to make a significant contribution to the charitable work of Aspire, and we wholeheartedly support its aims to offer practical support to the 40,000 people living with a spinal cord injury in the UK so that they can lead fulfilled and independent lives.”


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