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According to the Department of Transport, over the last decade, there has been a steady decline in the number of serious road traffic accidents. This can be attributed to an increase in in-car safety features and a heightened awareness of road safety. However, road traffic accidents and car accidents in particular, still remain a common cause of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) accounting for up to 40% of all cases (taken from research conducted by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Centre).

Road traffic accidents usually occur due to someone’s negligent driving. In these circumstances, it is usual for the innocent party to receive compensation. Where a spinal cord injury has resulted from a road traffic collision, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist spinal cord injury law firm, such as Aspire Law. They can advise you on whether you have a case and, assuming you do, handle your case with legal precision and expert understanding of the complexities and surrounding SCI.


Legal Advice Following a Car Accident

At Aspire Law, we are well versed in dealing with a range of SCI compensation cases including those involving untraceable and uninsured drivers as well as those that have had complex arguments surrounding seatbelt usage, causation and comparative negligence.

Commonly injuries that result from road traffic accident involve claims against drivers known to the claimant; for example, a family outing where the driver loses control.  This is not unusual although the concept of suing a family member or a friend can for some at first seem counterintuitive. However, more often than not it is the insurer of the vehicle that deals with the claim and so the driver can have very little involvement. At Aspire Law, we recognise the need to manage the perceived difficulties in these types of cases, which we advise upon at a very early stage. 

If you are injured in a road traffic accident regardless of whose fault you think it is, it’s important you obtain expert legal advice about any potential claim. Adjusting to life with a disability and the paralysis associated with spinal cord injury is expensive, for many, a compensation payment can address these added costs to maintain as independent a life as possible post-injury. 

If you or someone you know sustains a spinal cord injury as the result of a road traffic accident, you should speak with a lawyer as close to the event as possible. Vital evidence can be lost if matters are delayed, which could reduce the prospects of succeeding in any compensation claim.

Even if you think you were to blame or partly at fault you should speak with a lawyer and seek advice. Accidents where seatbelts have not been worn or where the driver is unknown (a hit and run for example), or is uninsured are still worth investigating as the law dictates compensation despite these difficulties.

 At Aspire Law we have dealt with many cases of untraced/uninsured drivers and claims where there have been difficult arguments over seatbelt usage and causation. These aspects require specialist technical knowledge and skill to navigate the process and address the issues with a view to reducing any impact they may have and maximise your damages.


Compensation Maintains Independence

At Aspire Law we know that adjusting to life with a disability and paralysis is expensive. One way to address these added living costs is to secure a compensation payment.

 Following a successful claim, the damages will enable you to pay for assistance and equipment, which can run into many tens of thousands of pounds each year. Appropriately adapted accommodation is likely to cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds, which your compensation claim can meet the cost of.

Your compensation claim will ensure that you and your family are able to maintain as normal a level of independence as possible and a good standard of living is preserved.


Spinal Cord Injury Compensation - Choosing Your Solicitor

Choosing your solicitor can be difficult and overwhelming.  At Aspire Law we streamline this process to make choosing your spinal cord injury law firm as simple as possible. We understand what you are going through as we are specialists in dealing with SCI claims – it’s what we do, nothing else.



Contact Us

If you want more information about choosing solicitors, the claim process, discussing the possibility of a second opinion or whether you are looking for some advice if you have a case, please get in touch with us.

Aspire law offer a fair and unbiased opinion where we are happy to discuss your case, how to best choose a solicitor and what you can expect throughout your whole compensation case. If you want to find out more, please contact us to hear how we deliver our services and can help you manage your spinal cord injury. 


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