second opinion on insurer solicitors


As a driver of a car who has sustained a spinal cord injury, your insurance company will already have been in touch with you to provide any assistance necessary.

Insurers are often keen to encourage injured drivers to make a claim for compensation as soon as possible. They will frequently refer an injured person to their own legal department, or to a panel of law firms that are preferred by the particular insurance company.


The Claim Referral Process

More often than not, this referral process can actually cause problems for the injured person because they are often paired up with a solicitor that they did not choose and one, who more importantly, does not have enough specific understanding of spinal cord injury. This understanding is required in order to help properly and to win a genuine life changing compensation claim, that for many really does make all the difference.


Aspire Law

Aspire Law, on the other hand, is unique in the fact that we deal exclusively with spinal cord injury claims. Our lawyers and solicitors are renowned experts in this complicated and very personal field and focus all their time, energy and expertise on achieving the best possible results as we know that the right result really can transform a life.

All our lawyers and solicitors take the time to get to know you and your family as individuals so that we can gauge the best way in which to proceed with such delicate cases. We are proud to say that we are always on hand and more than happy to explain the legal process, decode any legal jargon and ensure that you understand how we will help you to maximise the compensation that you are entitled to.


Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

Spinal cord injury compensation claims are very complex. As a result, they require specialist skill and should only be undertaken by a genuine expert in this field. If you are concerned that the solicitor appointed by your insurance company is not the right fit for you, then speak to an expert at Aspire Law by calling us on 0800 03 020 40, or by emailing us at