Spinal Injury Car Accident

Car Accidents

Of all road traffic accidents that occur on our roads and spinal cord injury cases that we have provided compensation for, car accidents are by far the most common.

Accidents on the roads or motorways can be caused by a range of different factors. This can include but is certainly not limited to, the impact of bad weather conditions, poor maintenance of the road surface, dangerous or negligent driving by a third party, as well as drink driving or driving under the influence of drugs.


Spinal Cord Injury as a result of a Car Accident

Spinal cord injury claims sustained in a car accident are highly complicated and very technical. In some scenarios, it can be the case that whoever is considered to have technically caused the accident, may not be legally to blame and, therefore, liable for any damage caused. This is why is is crucially important to seek professional advice as soon as possible so that as much evidence and as many witnesses as possible can be sought out to help you and your case.

Here at Aspire Law we fully understand that even if you were to receive all the money in the world that it would not turn the clock back, but with the correct help to secure a fair financial settlement this really can be life changing and help to ensure that you and your family are able to maintain as normal a level of independence as possible and that a good standard of living is preserved.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with all different types of accident. We approach each case individually, using our experience in dealing with spinal cord injury claims to help the injured person and their family.


Car Accident Compensation Claims

If you have been injured in a car accident, our solicitors are on hand to help and will be happy to meet with you and other members of your family to explain the legal process, decode legal jargon and explain how we will help you to maximise the compensation that you are entitled to.


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