Press Release: New ABS set to revolutionise legal services to spinal cord injured people

Aspire Law, a new legal firm, with an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) has formally launched and will provide a specialist service to people with spinal cord injury.

The firm, which has received approval from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, has been created through a partnership between Aspire, a national spinal injury charity, and Moore Barlow, a firm renowned for its personal injury work.

Both organisations have worked closely together to combine their knowledge and experience in Spinal Cord Injury to create a new Social Enterprise Model which places clients’ needs and requirements at the centre of the work and ensures that Aspire Law delivers a highly personalised service.

Damian Horan, Legal Director for Aspire Law, comments:

“Before agreeing on the structure of the business, considerable research was completed into client experiences, expectations and concerns around legal claims resulting from spinal injuries. The feedback received was incredibly valuable and this information directly influenced the final business model." 

“We believe Aspire Law will provide genuine competition within the market, as the business uses an innovative solution that combines strong legal expertise with charitable values, putting the needs of those with Spinal Cord Injury above all else.”

Unlike many other providers, the business is dedicated solely to Spinal Cord Injury work and, as well as using lawyers with a strong track record for securing the best compensation for clients, it will also benefit from Aspire’s considerable knowledge of providing services for spinally injured people. The result will be a service that will tackle every issue arising from Spinal Cord Injury including; housing, education, care and rehabilitation, as well as emotional and family support. 

Spinal Cord Injury Solicitors

As a joint partner in the venture Aspire will receive 50% of profits to reinvest back into the charitable work it does, providing continued and sustained benefit to those with Spinal Cord Injury. 

51-year-old Gavin Mullen says that the Aspire Housing Programme has been an essential lifeline. After suffering a spinal bleed towards the end of last year, Gavin went from working as a relocation consultant to waking up in a hospital bed, paralysed and unable to move. Doctors advised Gavin that they did not know whether he would regain any control over his body and that he had to wait and see how his condition would progress. 

Thankfully, over time, Gavin has recovered some sensation in the right-hand side of his body, but will permanently require the use of a wheelchair. He now attends a specialist spinal hospital and continues to receive intensive therapy and rehabilitation. Since his injury, Gavin has been unable to work or return to his former shared property.

The Aspire Housing Programme allows people, like Gavin, that have sustained a Spinal Cord Injury to be accommodated in an adapted house, which is suitable for their needs, until they are able to secure something more permanent.  

The funds received by Aspire under the new ABS will be used to support and expand existing projects like the Aspire Housing Programme, which provide accessible accommodation to patients being discharged from hospital who would otherwise have nowhere suitable to live.

The charity began the Housing Programme after recognising the difficulties with securing appropriate discharges. More recently, research carried out by the charity shows that around 20% of people with spinal cord injuries are discharged from hospital into nursing homes, simply because accessible accommodation is not available. Even more will be discharged to a home that has yet to have had essential adaptations carried out, often severely limiting independence as a result. 

As well as this, funds will also support new projects which the charity may be planning. 

Brian Carlin, Chief Executive of Aspire, comments: “We are really excited about the new ABS and the opportunity and benefits it will bring to people with spinal cord injuries. The income generated from this venture will lead to substantial support for other spinal cord injured people, including those who aren’t in a position to receive compensation claims, but can benefit from many of the services which we operate and will develop in the future.”

Research carried out prior to Aspire Law’s formation indicated that as well as getting the right level of compensation, there were a number of wider issues relating to spinal cord injuries which had a considerable impact on clients’ quality of life that needed to be addressed. Clients also requested more face-to-face support and greater levels of integration with wider support services. Aspire Law will use the combined expertise of its founding partners to ensure that all claims recognise the bigger picture, achieving optimum and timely settlements whilst working in a way that most benefits clients.




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Editor’s notes

Aspire Law is a legal firm operating on a national basis with an Alternative Business Structure dedicated to providing a specialist service to people with Spinal Cord Injury. Created through a partnership between Aspire, a national spinal injury charity, and Moore Barlow, a firm renowned for its personal injury work, the new firm will provide genuine competition within the market, using an innovative solution that combines legal expertise with strong charitable values that puts the needs of those with Spinal Cord Injury above all else.

Aspire Law will incorporate strong social enterprise values, formally distributing 50% of its profits to Aspire, the charity. Aspire provides practical support to people who have been paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury; full details of their services can be seen at 

Aspire Law will remain distinct from Aspire’s core services, ensuring that the charity remains independent and that clients recognise they have the freedom of choice when selecting the law firm they wish to instruct.

Aspire Law formally launched on Monday 3rd November 2014.


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