Personal Injury Compensation - for those living with SCI

Personal Injury Compensation

Each year, over three million people sustain a personal injury that leaves them viable to a personal injury compensation claim. Of these 3 million, over 700 cases result in life-changing SCI (spinal cord injury).

Although personal injury law is complicated and spinal cord injury cases are among some of the most complex, the actual process of making a personal injury compensation claim can be relatively straight forward.

At Aspire Law we are expert spinal cord injury solicitors and can offer initial discussions free of charge. These initial meetings will deal with analysing your case to see if you have a justifiable claim.  In this period, we will assign one of our specialist solicitors to you who will deal with your case.

Personal Injury Compensation for SCI - The Process

A compensation claim is an easier process than many think and it all starts with either a telephone call or email to Aspire Law.  

Dealing with dozens of legally complex spinal cord injury claims a year, at Aspire Law we have a vast knowledge of issues surrounding SCI compensation claims. This means that you will always receive the very highest standard of service and representation available.

Making your claim

Following your initial enquiry and discussion with a specially trained Aspire Law SCI solicitor, your claim will commence. This is done by sending a claim letter to the party you are holding responsible (in whole or in part) for your spinal cord injury, i.e. the defendant.  This letter details, for example, what happened, why fault is alleged and your injury.  The receipt of this letter the defendant has to reply - usually within three months. 


If liability is accepted, your solicitor will next obtain expert evidence to support your claim and attempt to settle your compensation claim outside of court.  The list of experts in an SCI case is likely to be extensive; to ensure you receive appropriate monies for life for things such as private rehabilitation, a case manager, personal assistance, housing, adaptations to your home, assistive technology, an adapted vehicle etc.   Once the evidence is complete your solicitor will be able to calculate what your claim is worth.  

Making an offer

The next stage is to consider any offers. This involves all the evidence being reviewed and a valuation being put on your claim by your solicitor. This will be calculated using the expert evidence referred to above and details of your injury and how it will affect your daily life. Once a figure is reached, it is usual for the opposing sides to meet in an attempt to negotiate and reach agreement, and avoid a trial.    

Out of Court Settlements

It is only when a defendant won’t accept any liability or the two parties cannot agree on a figure, that a personal injury compensation case might go to Court.  Court trials are relatively rare and it is more usual for cases to settle outside of Court. If however, the parties cannot agree then the Court acts as an arbiter to determine partial or full liability and to award fair compensation to the claimant.  

How do I choose a solicitor to help me make a personal injury claim?

Often choosing your solicitor can be daunting. At Aspire Law we try and make this stage as simple as possible. By choosing Aspire law you are choosing more than a law firm. This is because we are a unique joint venture between Aspire the national spinal cord injury charity and Moore Barlow, a leading firm of personal injury solicitors.

Working in partnership with Aspire and Moore Barlow, we have developed a service that recognises all the difficulties caused by SCI. As a result, we work for a more positive future by ensuring the adjustments required for all our clients to regain a level of independence. By selecting us, our clients are able to access Aspire’s assistive services, as outlined below.

We assemble a partner led team for every spinal cord injury claim we handle. Each team deal only with a small number of cases at any one time, enabling them to provide a proactive and personal service. Thereby achieving the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.

Life after injury - spinal cord injury

For many people, the most confusing time following a spinal cord injury can be going home. It often isn’t until when people return home after rehabilitation that the full impact of SCI is realised. This is because they once again are in familiar and normal surroundings.

Fortunately, our partners Aspire Charity are on hand. From offering physical to financial help or even some simple advice, Aspire can really make the difference:

• Aspire Grants 

Aspire Housing 

Aspire Independent Living Advisors 

Aspire’s Assistive Technology 

Welfare Benefits Advice Service 

Aspire campaigns 


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