Pedestrian Accident Spinal Injury Compensation: When, Who and How?

Pedestrian compensation

As a pedestrian, the consequences of being hit by a car or other vehicle on the road can be catastrophic. This is because, by their very nature and lack of protection from a surrounding vehicle and it’s safety features, a pedestrian is most vulnerable to serious injury. Thus, it is unsurprising to learn that a number each year fall victim to life-changing spinal cord injuries.


“In 2015, 4,940 pedestrians suffered serious injuries”


Statistics from the Department for Transport show that in 2015, 408 pedestrians were killed on the UK’s roads. Additionally, 4,940 pedestrians suffered serious injuries. Included in these statistics are life-changing spinal cord injuries.

Records show, that today in the UK there are approximately 1200 new spinal cord injury cases every year. To put this in perspective, that is a new life-changing spinal injury every 8 hours.

Although pedestrians account for a relatively small number, their consequences after spinal cord injury can be substantial.  As a result, for many, spinal injury compensation is the only way to return to as normal a life as possible. This is because with spinal cord injury a person can require high levels of assistance and equipment, which are extremely expensive. 


If You Have Been a Pedestrian in a Road Traffic Accident, When Should You Claim Compensation?

In all cases, it’s important you instruct a solicitor as soon as possible.   Evidence such as vehicle damage, marks on the road surface, CCTV and details of witnesses can be vital in establishing whether a driver was negligent or not and therefore whether they are liable for any claim.  Liability is an intricate and often lengthy process and so it’s imperative that all the available evidence is obtained.  Delay can lead to evidence being lost.

The Courts have imposed a very high duty of care on drivers and have shown a willingness to find in favour of pedestrians even when the pedestrian was partly to blame. Therefore, even if you think that you’re to blame it’s worth speaking with a specialist solicitor early to see if you have a claim.  

As spinal cord injury claims are highly complex, technical and personal, complete understanding is requisite to help win a genuinely life changing compensation claim. If you wish to discuss this with Aspire Law we would be happy to help. Each one of our solicitors will talk you through your query with expert knowledge and experience of spinal cord injury and especially those resulting from road traffic accidents.


If You Have Been a Pedestrian in a Road Traffic Accident, Who Should You Claim Compensation Through?

A lot of insurance companies are guilty of funnelling their customers into choosing a law firm or solicitor that often is a partner of theirs. It is critical therefore to remember you are under absolutely no obligation to follow these ‘recommendations.’ This is not to say that all insurance firm’s partner law firms cannot be trusted, but you should assure yourself, before instructing any solicitor, that they have the necessary level of knowledge and technical expertise.

A second opinion can often elucidate whether you’re getting the right level of service and support from your existing legal services provider and whether they have sufficient knowledge and experience. In complex cases like spinal cord injury, a second opinion can be beneficial.  Aspire Law will be happy to hear from you should you be dissatisfied with your current solicitors or just undecided at this stage.  

Choosing your solicitor can be a daunting process and one which you feel almost overwhelmed with different firms. At Aspire Law we are proud to be able to say with complete confidence that every one of our specialist solicitors has a remarkable level of knowledge in dealing with road traffic accidents and spinal cord injury cases.


If You Have Been a Pedestrian in a Road Traffic Accident, How Should You Claim Compensation?

We understand that instigating any spinal injury compensation case is often a daunting decision. However, it needn't be.  Making a compensation claim is an easier process than many think and it can be started by simply calling or emailing Aspire Law.   

Following an initial enquiry, we will arrange for you to meet with one of our lawyers – at a place convenient to you, often at a hospital or at one of the Spinal Centres throughout the UK.  They will hear from you and provide an initial view on liability and advise on funding arrangements. Most claims are funded by a conditional fee, no win no fee, arrangement.

Following this first meeting, Aspire Law will thoroughly investigate your claim and review all evidence. This allows us from an early stage to consider the merits of your claim. From here, we are then best placed to guide you through the next steps.

We understand the legal process can be intimidating and so we ensure regular contact with you is maintained. This keeps you updated with your case and provides the opportunity to translate all legal jargon. As a result, complete client understanding is a priority.

We are committed to securing the highest levels of compensation as we know just how life-changing and necessary this is. During any case, we will manage all aspects of your claim and make sure that you are given the practical help needed to face the challenges you meet.  

For more information, please view our recent client stories which give an overview of spinal cord injury compensation claims and the way we work here at Aspire law:

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Aspire Law work very closely with the charity Aspire, to offer practical help to those living with spinal injuries. This allows us to help those lives transformed by this injury to regain as much independence as possible - whether that's via assistive devices, grants, housing help or even simply talking.

We really are a unique law firm and take the time to go beyond the case and to really get to know the individual. If you want to find out what makes us so unique in our offering, click here.

We understand that a spinal injury compensation claim won't turn the clock back, but a successful claim can help to manage the often substantial costs associated with adjusting to as independent a life as possible after a spinal cord injury.


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