Our Specialist Team | Philip Lea

Philip Lea

Senior solicitor

Tel: 0800 030 20 40

Email: philip.lea@aspirelaw.co.uk

My background

I am and have been variously Trustee and Director of a number of disability related Charities and have been involved in the start up of 3 different charities all of which are still running successfully delivering support and services and campaigning for change to improve outcomes for people with disabilities.

I spent 15 years as a retained Firefighter and Crew commander in Hampshire Fire and Rescue service and therefore have direct personal experience of helping people moments after suffering life changing injuries. At that time I was the only solicitor in the country who was also a trained Firefighter.

Because I have a daughter with a neurological condition requiring 24 hour care and support I have direct personal experience of the implications of disability.

There is huge satisfaction to be gained from helping people come to terms with and adapt to life changing injuries and there is no doubt that the legal process, with correct support, can help people to pick up the pieces of their lives and carry on.
Because Aspire Law brings to bear a range of differing specialisms we offer the best possible support and it is good to be part of a team offering this and changing people’s lives for the better.