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Julie Kimber


Tel: 0800 030 20 40

Email: julie.kimber@aspirelaw.co.uk

I worked for the Magistrates Courts for 12 years which gave me a good insight into the criminal side of law then lived abroad for 3 years before moving back to the UK to the UK and resuming my legal career .  I aspired to do legal secretarial work and was employed as a paralegal 3 years ago.

We act for the Claimants and they are our clients.

As a paralegal for Aspire Law,  I support several specialst spinal cord injury solicitors who carry out the legal work for our clients.

I have 3 years experience in personal injury added to 2 years experience in an administrative role for professional negligence and private client.  The administrative knowledge is extremely useful in my current role.
The role involves secretarial duties and personal assistance to several fee earners.