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James Wood

Solicitor and Managing Director

Tel: 0800 030 20 40

Email: james.wood@aspirelaw.co.uk

My Background

Following a motorcycle accident of my own in 1990 I was left paralysed from the waist down and wheelchair dependent at the age of 19. After four years at the University of Exeter, a year at the Inns of Court School of Law, working as a paralegal, and two years training I qualified as a personal injury solicitor in 2004. 

Why Aspire Law

Through my work and personal experience of spinal cord injury, I am acutely aware of the issues that surround spinal cord injury and the complexities of spinal cord injury claims. I am also aware of the very significant sums of monies made by lawyers in this field. To that end, Aspire Law is very different. 

Aspire Law is assisted by the same expert witnesses and barristers as other law firms in this area of work, but in addition Aspire Law has the benefit of the significant resources and services provided by Aspire, the charity. Aspire offers a number of core services, which include accessible housing, grants, support in the spinal centres, assistive technology and advice on benefits. No other UK law firm has this facility. 

Aspire Law also shares 50% of the Firm’s profit with Aspire. This means the charity could receive many millions of pounds over the coming years, which will see the expansion of Aspires services and their charitable causes - Aspire Law is the only law firm in the UK to do this.

Additionally, Aspire Law won’t charge you a success fee for winning your case (which most other firms will) and they will not seek to charge you for any shortfall in the costs they receive from the losing party. For the client, this ensures they receive the maximum award without deduction. No other firm offers this.

As Managing Director and a solicitor, it is my job to ensure the success of the business and to see the claims we deal with are handled effectively and in a timely manner. I truly believe that Aspire Law is the best option for clients when it comes to spinal cord injury claims.


I am based at our London and Southampton offices but work across the UK.

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