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Ski Holidays with SCI

Ski Holidays with SCI

Depending on your injury level, there are lots of ways you can get involved with snow sports both in the UK and abroad.

A number of ski resorts offer adaptive skiing, so families and friends can enjoy a holiday together in the mountains. There are many organisations that offer package holidays with accessible accommodation and travel too, so you can set off feeling confident that your needs will be catered to.

Adaptive Skiing for SCI

You don’t have to ski down triple black diamond runs to feel the rush of adaptive skiing. You can join family and friends by using a guided sit-ski (or just enjoy relaxing in blissful alpine surroundings).

Sit-skiing allows people with spinal cord injuries to glide down the slopes in a seated shell. There are two adaptive methods - known as monosking and bi-skiing.

Great for an independent ski experience, the monoski places the user in a seated position within a moulded shell, mounted on top of a single ski. A four link suspension system keeps the major impacts at bay, and small outriggers and forearm crutches are attached to skis for balance and steering.

A bi-ski is ideal for wheelchair users and is the most stable option. A seated shell is mounted on two skis, which can be controlled by an instructor skiing behind. 

For would be skiers and snowboarders who want a taste of the sport before committing to a full holiday, Disability Snowsport UK runs adaptive ski programmes across Scotland and England. Snow centres in the UK include Snowdome in Tamworth, Chill Factore in Manchester and Snozone in Milton Keynes. 

How to Book an Adaptive Ski Holiday

If you’re planning your next winter getaway, there are plenty of destinations, resorts, hotels and holiday packages to choose from that cater to disabled holidaymakers. tailor ski holidays by selecting training programmes, equipment and instructors that meet individual needs. Accessible accommodation can be part of their package holidays too. 

Ski 2 Freedom provides holidays that cater for all disabilities, including people with physical and visual impairments, and people with learning disabilities.

Redpoint Holidays, based in Austria, offers all-inclusive ski holiday packages. Your booking includes accessible accommodation, specialised equipment and bespoke lessons with a qualified instructor. Redpoint’s ski instructors have years of experience in adaptive programmes that allow disabled skiers to enjoy the mountains.

Bespoke France offers tailor-made holidays for people with disabilities. Their winter breaks to the Pyrenees are popular with people who want to try adaptive skiing or enjoy snowshoe outings.

Crystal Ski partner closely with Disability Snowsports UK to provide specially designed holidays for disabled skiers and snowboarders. Travel to the US, France, Switzerland, Austria or Italy. also offer ski packages that include flights, assistance through airports, transfers, accessible hotels, adapted ski hire and more.

Where to Travel to?

Most ski resorts in Europe and North America offer reduced mobility ski passes for wheelchair users and their companions. Some resorts are even able to offer free tuition too. 

While North America remains a popular location for adaptive ski resorts and accommodation, France leads Europe in the number of ski schools trained in handiski (the term used for specialist equipment and lessons tailored to disabled skiers). Around 150 French ski schools offer handiski instruction and hire, with many hotels catering to people with disabilities in the Alps. In the UK, Snowbility offers courses for disabled skiers at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead.

Contact Aspire Law

Aspire Law understands how varied and complex the individual requirements of our clients and their families can be. We recognise the difficulties caused by spinal cord injury and the adjustments required to regain a level of independence.

Enjoying a holiday with your family and friends is part of life - and with a few adaptations and accommodations, you can be part of the adventure. Aspire Law wants to help people with SCI achieve their independence.  Aspire Law will thoroughly and comprehensively investigate all aspects of your claim to ensure you receive the maximum level of damages achievable, which will include the additional cost of holidays.  

If you have sustained a spinal cord injury, please get in touch on 0800 030 20 40.