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Fact sheet: Rehabilitation for people with Spinal Cord Injury

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If you have sustained a spinal cord injury, early access to rehabilitation and expert medical help play a key part in ensuring that you begin your recovery quickly and start your journey back to independent living as soon as possible.


Aspire Law - legal experts in Spinal Cord Injury and rehabilitation

At Aspire Law our ultimate aim is to help you to regain your independence after your accident.

We are experts in dealing with spinal cord injury compensation claims and our highly experienced solicitors understand how important it is for an injured person to receive the best possible treatment as soon as possible after the accident has taken place.

Aspire Law solicitors are also experienced in using the Rehabilitation Code, wherever possible, to make sure that whilst the details of your legal compensation claim are being put together, your immediate rehabilitation and recovery needs are being given the absolute highest priority.


The Rehabilitation Code

The Rehabilitation Code was originally drafted in 1999 and was updated in 2007. It sets out an approved framework for injury claims through which the claimant’s representatives (Aspire Law in this case) can work together with the defendant’s insurers and legal teams.

The objective is to ensure that injured people receive the rehabilitation treatment they need to restore quality of life as soon as possible.

If you have sustained a spinal cord injury and have a potential claim for compensation, it is vitally important that you appoint a solicitor who understands how to apply the principles of the Rehabilitation Code on your behalf.

Some important features of the code are:

• The claimant (you) is put at the centre of the process.

• The claimant’slawyer and the compensator work on a collaborative basis to address the claimant’s needs, from first early notification of the claim and through early exchange of information.

• The need for rehabilitation is addressed as a priority, and sometimes before agreement on liability. Fixed time-scales support the code’s framework.


How does it work in reality?

Overall the NHS provides an excellent and first class level of treatment and rehabilitation for people with spinal injury. Sometimes, however, there can be enormous pressure on beds in the specialist Spinal Injury Centres, and this may mean that you will be treated in a general or other non-specialist hospital whilst waiting for a bed to become available. If this happens, Aspire Law can help you access private, world-class rehabilitation services immediately.


Private rehabilitation - making sure you get the best

Each and every case of spinal cord injury that we take on is different, so we look at how we can apply the Rehabilitation Code based on your individual circumstances and requirements. All decisions about your private rehabilitation care are always made in conjunction with you, your family and the current medical team.

We have very good connections with some of the country’s best private specialist rehabilitation providers and after discussion with you, we will arrange for an immediate needs assessment from a suitable private provider.

Once this has taken place, we will negotiate with the defendant’s insurer to provide the required funding.


What are the main benefits?

Early access to the best possible rehabilitation will have a number of positive benefits for you and your family.

There is a clear, direct link between early and expert rehabilitation and long term recovery and quality of life for people with Spinal Cord Injury. Damian Horan, Aspire Law Legal Director, explains:

“I have been representing clients with spinal injury compensation claims for nearly 20 years. In almost every instance where I have secured immediate and expert rehabilitation, I have observed an improved medical, social and psychological recovery and long term quality of life.”

• The cost of any private rehabilitation is paid for by the defendant’s insurer. There is no need for you or your family to be involved in any of the financial negotiation, as we will take care of this for you.

• The cost of any rehabilitation is not included within the final compensation package agreed.

• We will engage the services of a multidisciplinary team of experts including nurses, therapists, doctors and psychologists to design a specific programme of rehabilitation for you. This will often include the use of latest technology and treatment methods.

• We guarantee there is no financial risk to you or your family. Even if you were to lose your case for compensation, you will not be liable for any of the costs of your private rehabilitation.