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Ski Holidays with SCI

Ski Holidays with SCI

Depending on your injury level, there are lots of ways you can get involved with snow sports both in the UK and abroad.

A number of ski resorts offer adaptive skiing, so families and friends can enjoy a holiday together in the mountains. There are many organisations that offer package holidays with accessible accommodation and travel too, so you can set off feeling confident that your needs will be catered to.

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A wheelchair user on the beach, on a sunny day. He's viewing the sea, where people are in the water.

Life After SCI - From Rehab To Rediscovering

After spinal cord injury, everything changes. What everyone wants to know is what life is going to be like after a spinal cord injury - the physical, occupational and emotional challenges ahead.

No one can answer with absolute certainty. Spinal cord injuries are different and unpredictable. No two people will have the same experience, so it’s hard to be prepared for a future you had never imagined.

Rehabilitation is the first step in the recovery process - helping people return, as much as possible, to independent living.

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disability public transport

Better Transport for Disabled People

Public transport in the UK is not currently serving people with disabilities well enough. Railway stations and trains are rarely accessible to people with reduced mobility without assistance.

Current Transport Shortfalls

Trains are some of the worst offenders when it comes to accessible transport. Millions of people rely on trains every day. For some people, it’s their only way of getting around.

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