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spina cord injury - returning to education

Spinal Cord Injury: Returning to Education

Spinal cord injury can happen at any age; even to small children. Statistically, young people between 16 and 30 years old are more likely to be injured, and some reports place the mode (most common) age people sustain their injury to be 19 years old. That’s university age - and while education might not be on everyone’s mind at that time in their lives, it has become one of the most common and rewarding avenues to pursue after injury, at any age.

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Couple facing away with one in wheelchair

Spinal Cord Injury Paralyses Someone Every Four Hours, New Estimates Reveal

  • New data estimates that 2,500 people are injured or diagnosed with a spinal cord injury every year, not 1,000 as previously thought
  • Increased support to spinal cord injured people now urgent, say charities
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disabeld fashion and fashion for SCI

Fashion Forward: Stylish Homes, Clothes and Tech for People with SCI

There’s an assumption that disability takes away your need to express yourself in any other way than being disabled, and that luxury isn’t accessible.

This assumption extends to having your own sense of style.

It’s completely untrue that disability and style aren’t compatible - and spinal cord injury certainly shouldn’t stop anyone from expressing themselves through fashion, design and the tech they want to use.

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