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Aspire mental health spinal cord injury

Spinal Cord Injury: Your Mental Health

Adjusting to a spinal cord injury is a slow and steady process, with that adjustment focusing on both the loss of your previous abilities and learning about your future ahead. What is crucial in this journey is understanding how a spinal cord injury can affect your mental health, and how small steps can help to keep your mind healthy and positive for the steps ahead.

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Myths of spinal cord injury girl leaning against fence

Breaking Barriers: Myths of SCI

There are many factors to consider when living with a spinal cord injury. With so much advice coming from different directions - whether doctors, loved ones or fellow SCI sufferers - it’s easy to get lost amongst different ideas. However, along the way, people may mention how certain things will most definitely change. There may be daily tasks or life ambitions people could believe that you’ll never achieve, but we’re here to bust some of the myths of living with an SCI.

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hotel access for disabled step free

Hotels Need to be Designed with the Disabled in Mind, too

A holiday, weekend away or even just an overnight stay while travelling should be relaxing for everyone. Yet for travellers living with a spinal cord injury, a hotel can be one of the biggest challenges to navigate. We take a look at the hospitality industry, the improvements to be made and how accessible hotels don’t need to compromise a traveller’s experience.

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