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disability public transport

Better Transport for Disabled People

Public transport in the UK is not currently serving people with disabilities well enough. Railway stations and trains are rarely accessible to people with reduced mobility without assistance.

Current Transport Shortfalls

Trains are some of the worst offenders when it comes to accessible transport. Millions of people rely on trains every day. For some people, it’s their only way of getting around.

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assistive technology google home

Best Accessible and Assistive Technology

The groundbreaking work of engineers, scientists and everyday people has produced life-changing technology for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

AI assistants have improved the independence of some people who would have previously had to rely on families and carers for certain tasks. While there’s still a lot of work to do, some of the advances have been truly outstanding.

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accidents at work - spinal cord injury

Accidents at Work - Spinal Cord Injuries

The World Health Organisation recognises that a significant proportion of traumatic spinal cord injuries occur at work. In several studies, workplace accidents have been revealed as the third largest cause of spinal cord injury (after road collisions and sports injury). What do we know about workplace injuries, what are the outcomes – and what can employers and workers do to make work safer?

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