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love sex and sci - image of a flying LGBT pride flag

Love, Sex and SCI: LGBT Edition

Love is in the air once again - and this time, it’s flying the pride flag. Love can be painful and challenging; but ultimately, love is beautiful. The feeling is exactly the same, no matter who experiences it. It’s the most universal, inclusive and wonderful thing in the world - so let’s celebrate it. This is Sex, Love and SCI: LGBT Edition.

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spinal injury xray

Spinal Cord Injury: The First Weeks

Spinal cord injury is complicated. The immediate situation following injury can be confusing, scary, painful and distressing. It’s an intensely emotional time. Those first few weeks into life with SCI are some of the most challenging - and the spinal cord injury might be one of several that need treatment. Knowing your options, what to expect and where to get support are hugely important factors that will aid in recovery.

Priorities and Big Questions

There are a few essentials to know right away.

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Ski Holidays with SCI

Ski Holidays with SCI

Depending on your injury level, there are lots of ways you can get involved with snow sports both in the UK and abroad.

A number of ski resorts offer adaptive skiing, so families and friends can enjoy a holiday together in the mountains. There are many organisations that offer package holidays with accessible accommodation and travel too, so you can set off feeling confident that your needs will be catered to.

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