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disabled person excersising with non-disabled people

Health and Wellbeing after SCI

Health priorities post-injury change quite considerably. Beyond rehab and initial healing, your diet and lifestyle are some of the biggest factors influencing life after SCI. It’s not a simple case of doing more exercise, though; the changes to your body can make some activities unsuitable. It’s about finding a new balance, a new outlook - and a new way to thrive.

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disability and sport

Disability and Sport: Will the 2012 Paralympics Legacy be Lost in 2020?

The Stoke Mandeville Games were founded by Ludwig Guttmann – a pioneer in spinal cord injury treatment. He believed that sport could elevate disabled people’s self-worth, and improve mental health as much as physical health.

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Flying with a SCI: What do you need to know?

As a person living with a spinal cord injury, what may have previously been straight forward requires plenty of pre-planning. This can relate to the most mundane of everyday tasks, as well as more tricky situations such as travelling - whether by car, by plane or by another form of public transport.

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