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transverse myelitis

What is Transverse Myelitis? Is it Linked to Coronavirus Vaccine Trials?

A neurological condition called Transverse Myelitis has been in the news, as at least one coronavirus vaccine volunteer appears to have been diagnosed with it during a promising drug trial. Transverse Myelitis (or TM) can lead to permanent spinal cord injury: but what is Transverse Myelitis and is it linked to the vaccine trial in any way?

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summer activities and spinal cord injury

Summer Activities and Spinal Cord Injury

With summer coming to a close and autumn setting in, many of us will be hoping to get the most out of the longer days before the clocks go back and the weather turns cold. But this time of year is one of the busiest for spinal cord injury centres – because unfortunately, many popular summer activities can result in SCI.

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specialist solicitors

Accessing Specialist Solicitors During Lockdown

Accessing legal services during the coronavirus lockdown has been a complicated matter for everyone. Although restrictions are easing, the need for social distancing is still there for vulnerable people. In this “unofficial lockdown”, accessing specialist solicitors and pursuing claims could have become more difficult – were it not for technology. But some processes that can only be done effectively in person have been affected, especially for people with new spinal cord injuries.

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