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sex with spinal cord injury

Love, Sex and Spinal Cord Injury

Love is in the air. And we couldn’t talk about love, in all its glory, without bringing up sex. Granted, there’s a lot more to love than sex (and more to sex than love), but one thing’s for sure: they’re some of the most powerful forces in our lives. And when they’re combined - well, there’s fireworks.

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Travelling with a spinal injury

Travelling with a Spinal Cord Injury

Holidays are the best. Discovering new landscapes and languages, new cultures, foods and wildlife - it’s all so thrilling! You don’t need to jet off to some far-flung exotic location for a great trip; just getting away somewhere new, even if it’s nearby, widens your horizons.

Travelling with a spinal cord injury can be a little trickier than travelling without - but that shouldn’t put anyone off, especially as we enter a golden age of accessible travel.

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Spinal Cord Injury and work

Getting Work after a Spinal Cord Injury

Employment for people with spinal cord injuries can be difficult to find. But with evolving workplaces, enabling technologies and a new world of self-employment, opportunities are more plentiful than ever. There’s still a lot to tackle - in this post, Aspire Law looks not only at the obstacles but at the ways people re-enter the workforce after a spinal cord injury.

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