How We Can Help | Interim payments

Interim payments

When we take on your case, one of the first things we do is to examine all the facts and the evidence about your accident, and where possible we use this to show that the accident was not your fault.

Once liability is accepted in your claim, we will always try to obtain for you a substantial interim payment.

Interim payments are payments that are made to you by the liability insurer before the case has even been concluded. They are paid because the insurer intends to accept liability, but is not yet in a position to agree a final compensation package with your solicitor. Any interim payments that are secured are included within the final compensation package.

Interim payments are very useful because they can be used to ease any immediate financial pressure on you and your family and to fund a first class programme of care and rehabilitation.

We know how important interim payments are to our clients and their families — that's why we work so hard to obtain these for you as quickly as possible.

The value of interim payments can vary but are usually in proportion to the final compensation fee that we expect to be awarded at the end of your case.

Payments can be paid at regular intervals during the course of your compensation claim and are deducted from the final figure paid to you at the successful completion of your case.