I have been requested on several occasions to prepare medico-legal reports for the Court at the request of Aspire Law on claimants who have sustained a spinal cord injury. As the lead medical expert in spinal cord injury in these cases I have been impressed at the thorough and diligent manner in which the needs of these spinal cord injury claimants have been handled and evaluated by Aspire Law. I consider that any spinal cord injured person who has a claim for compensation will be thoroughly and comprehensively handled by Aspire Law, so that a full and fair compensation will be reached.

I understand from Aspire Law that claimants get 100% of their compensation. I also understand that Aspire Law shares 50% of its profit with Aspire Charity. I am delighted that Aspire Law is so generous in this manner as I have been very impressed by the contribution of the Aspire Charity to those with spinal cord injury.

B P Gardner MA FRCP (Lond & Ed) FRCS
Consultant in Spinal Cord Injuries