Cycling Accident Compensation: Choosing Your Spinal Injury Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Cycling Road Safety: Prevention is the Only Cure

Both motorcycle and cycling accidents are a common cause of spinal cord injury on the roads. Unfortunately, at present, there is no categorical treatment available to cure a spinal cord injury.

Despite thorough research into methods and possible treatments, as it stands, the only prescription available is rehabilitation. Rehab works to optimise any remaining functionalities and act as a reintegration into normal life. But, what this means is that, currently, the prevention of spinal cord injuries is the only definitive cure.

One key way to prevent a spinal cord injury sustained via a cycling accident is to abide by road safety guidance, the highway code, and common sense.

Transport for London has outlined some thorough road safety tips for both drivers and cyclists. To find out more click here.

There are many road safety charities out there who are dedicated to providing safer roads for all, including ROSPA, Think! and Brake. All of which all offer great advice on how to stay safe as a cyclist and how to keep cyclists safe as other road users. These organisations are great resource points and at Aspire Law we strongly recommend reviewing their advice and guidance.

If you stay safe on the road, as a cyclist and driver, then you are personally making our roads safer, contributing to curing spinal cord injury.


A Spinal Cord Injury Compensation Claim in Southampton

If you or someone you know has sustained a spinal cord injury, it is a given that this will affect you, your family and network of friends for the rest of your lives. However, it needn't be the end of everything as you know it, indeed far from it. For example, take Para GB’s recent success in Rio and the nation’s new tennis champion. Gordon Reid himself suffers from a spinal injury. 

One thing our experience has taught us as specialist spinal injury lawyers is that a spinal cord injury with the correct level of compensation, albeit life changing, is far from life ending and for many the accompanying disabled status, instead, reads enabled.

If your spinal injury was caused by an accident - be it as a cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian, passenger or driver - that was not wholly your fault, you should seriously consider a compensation claim. It’s true that all the money in the world will not turn the clock back, but a fair financial settlement can help maintain a level of independence and standard of living. 

It is worth noting that even if you feel the accident was partly your fault you could still be owed something. In the same way, if you were a passenger in a car accident it is likely that it may have been caused by someone you know. If this is so, please note an ensuing compensation claim would be paid out against the driver's insurance company and not them.


Choosing Your Spinal Injury Lawyer

Following a spinal cord injury accident, it is critical to remember that as a consumer you have rights to choose your law firm. The vast majority of insurance companies are too quick to funnel their customers into selecting a law firm that is often a partner of theirs. 

However, it important to remember that you have no obligation to follow these recommendations. Instead, you are well within your rights to make a completely independent choice of a spinal injury lawyer. This is not to say that all insurance firms partner law firms cannot be trusted, as the majority of them certainly do a good job. But, if you do go with such a firm, it is often a good idea to get a second opinion from an outside third party solicitor such as Aspire Law.

A second opinion will give you peace of mind that you will receive the right level of service and support. This is crucial when looking to make a successful compensation claim. 

A claim can be an exhausting, personal but highly worthwhile experience. Therefore, it is imperative that on a personal level you ‘click’ with your injury lawyers and on a technical level that they have the right amount of expertise in this complex field. Choosing your solicitor can often be a very daunting process. It isn't uncommon to feel almost overwhelmed with the amount of firms, jargon, and advice that you will be given. 

At Aspire Law, we are proud to say with complete confidence that every one of our specialist solicitors has a remarkable level of knowledge. We also take great pride in breaking down all complex legal jargon. We are dedicated to ensuring that you feel in complete control of your case, instead of - as can be the case without a capable intermediary to ‘translate’- a confused and isolated observer.


Aspire Law

Aspire Law is the UK’s only specialist firm made up of exclusively spinal cord injury lawyers. We deal solely with spinal cord injury compensation claims in Southampton and beyond.

We fully understand how personal and intricate spinal cases can be and how rewarding and life changing a successful result can be.

We have in-depth knowledge and recent experience in helping people who have been injured as a cyclistmotorcyclistpedestrianpassenger or driver in a road traffic accident.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if you do just want some spinal cord injury legal advice, or a friendly and impartial second opinion, at Aspire Law are more than happy to help.


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