Our client suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury which was classified as C7 AIS A Tetraplegic

Our client was involved in a collision which was caused by the defendant’s negligence. The defendant was convicted with causing serious injury by dangerous driving and received a prison sentence with a disqualification. As a result of the incident, our client, who was 36 at the time, suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury which was classified as C7 AIS A Tetraplegic, in addition to various other injuries.

Aspire Law investigated the circumstances of the claim by obtaining and analysing all the relevant evidence and documentation. This included obtaining records from various health and non-medical records providers.

Aspire Law team were able to contact the insurers within the same month as being instructed which was during lockdown. The Defendant raised some issues with liability at the offset, however our priority remained on securing a suitable property for the client whilst focussing on obtaining the Police Report to narrow down the outstanding liability issues.

Whilst awaiting the Police report, experts were instructed to ensure fast progression on the case. The team also secured significant interim payments of our client’s damages. This, importantly, provided him with financial security, and enabled him to fund rehabilitation, case management, equipment and support. A Police report was obtained and once received we pressed the Defendant for a decision on liability. An admission of liability in full was obtained, allowing an efficient progression of the claim to settlement.

As a result of early interventions, rehabilitation and equipment we were able to settle the claim in 2024 for £11,500,000, with an additional £613,183 provided to our client by the defendant under the Rehabilitation Code.

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