Failure to Diagnosis Cauda Equina and subsequent Negligent Surgery

This was a complex case involving a number of defendants. In November 2014 Mr X saw a nurse practitioner at his GP surgery complaining of back pain. He was given co-codamol and diazepam for the pain. The pain continued and a few weeks later an ambulance was called to Mr X’s home, and he was taken to Hospital. He was given laxatives as his bowel was constipated. He was discharged. No x-rays or MRI scans were undertaken.


Over the next week the pain got worse, and another ambulance was called. Mr X was taken back to Hospital where an MRI scan showed a significant midline disc protrusion at L3/L4 narrowing of the spinal cord and compression of the cauda equina. Mr X underwent three level compression surgery. In recovery he sustained a spinal infarct. When he awoke from recovery Mr X was paralysed from the chest downward.


Initial Help

Mr X came to Aspire Law approximately one year after his injury. He was living in local authority housing, which was unsuitable for him and his young family – a wife and three children. Mr X was unable to work and was reliant on benefits. The occasional care he received was provided by family and friends.


As with all cases of this type a thorough investigation was undertaken by Aspire Law to get a clear history of what occurred. Several key medical experts were then instructed to report on the appropriateness of the treatment received by Mr X and whether this caused and/or contributed to Mr X’s outcome.


Ongoing Help

Aspire Law were able to demonstrate that the management and treatment provided was negligent and caused Mr X’s paralysis. In the short term the defendants agreed to provide Mr X with a significant interim payment – enough for him to secure a large bungalow for him and his family. Mr X was also able to purchase vital equipment and settle his debts and have money for daily living.


The Outcome of the Compensation Claim

The claim settled approximately 3 years after Aspire Law were instructed. Mr X elected to have a lump sum of several millions of pounds and additionally an annual periodical payment. The money provided will ensure Mr X and his family have a large bespoke family home in which they can thrive. A therapy room and space for carers, to live separately, are all taken care of as are all the necessary assistive technologies and environmental controls for independence. His annual periodical payment will support Mr X and his family for rest of his life.


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