Aspire Law client hit by cyclist succeeds in a claim for personal injury against cyclist’s home insurer

A wonderful outcome for this extremely deserving pedestrian client out walking his dog.

Our client was struck by a teenage cyclist who had failed to see our client in the road. Our client sustained life-changing spinal cord injuries, leaving him largely paralysed from the shoulders down and confined to a wheelchair.

The detailed investigation into the claim took many months, culminating in a meeting with the cyclist’s parents’ home insurer and Damian Horan and James Wood of Aspire Law. At the meeting, an admission of primary liability was achieved, and indemnity confirmed.

As a result, we were able secure an interim payment for our client and agreement to a case manager to support our client with his rehabilitation and equipment needs into the future. The claim will be concluded in the coming months following expert reports evidencing our client’s losses.

James Wood said, “unlike motor vehicles, bicycles are not required to carry insurance and so victims of cycling accidents often go uncompensated. This case is a great example of why it is so important to instruct specialist solicitors like Aspire Law who can navigate the complexities of the insurance
world and locate where possible a suitable compensator.

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