£9.1 million for young man with dual spinal cord injuries sustained in a Road Traffic Accident

Aspire Law were instructed to bring a personal injury claim after our client was involved in a catastrophic road traffic accident in which he was a rear seat passenger. The driver lost control of the vehicle whilst travelling at excessive speed and collided with a tree.

The accident caused our client to suffer multiple severe injuries including spinal cord injuries at C4 graded ASIA D (incomplete tetraplegia) and L1 graded ASIA A (complete paraplegia). These injuries have affected all aspects of his day-to-day life and cause many issues including bowel and bladder dysfunction, neuropathic pain, altered sensation in his left hand and arm and lack of movement and sensation in his legs.

After being instructed, Aspire Law got in touch with the driver’s insurer at an early stage to attempt to secure interim payments or rehabilitation funding. Initially, the insurers were reluctant to engage but after continued perseverance, we were able to secure regular interim payments so that our client could move forwards with his life.

Aspire Law then arranged for specialist expert witnesses to assess our client’s needs as result of his injuries. These included experts in spinal cord rehabilitation, urology, pain management, care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, accommodation, and others. The expert witnesses then provided reports explaining all of the ways our client’s injuries affect him and his needs going forwards.

This allowed Aspire Law to fully quantify our client’s claim and ensure the amount claimed was high enough to put him where he would have been had the accident not occurred.

A joint settlement meeting was held on 26 February 2024 and the Aspire Law team negotiated a settlement of £9.1 million.

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