£12.5 m for pedestrian client left tetraplegic having been struck by a domestic bin which had been struck by a speeding car

Our client a young woman woke up in hospital to discover she had been run over by a vehicle which mounted the pavement and ploughed into a domestic bin which struck our client, leaving her tetraplegic. A loving mother to two young children, she worried how she may be able to continue to care for them in the future.


Our client had sustained a complete C4 spinal cord injury, meaning that she would now be require a wheelchair for her future mobility. She was shocked and scared for her future and that of her children. However, she met with specialist spinal cord injury solicitors at Aspire Law and started a legal claim against the insurance company of the vehicle which had run her over.


Her claim was settled for £12.5 million, however before the amount was agreed, the solicitors at Aspire Law secured various interim payments from the start of the process to help our client move to suitable alternative accommodation; rent a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle; attend accessible holidays with her children, friends, and care team to Spain, Egypt and Lanzarote; and, at the end of the process, purchase a fully accessible home.

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