£12.1 million settlement for client who suffered a spinal cord injury as a consequence of horrific road rage

Our client, a 41-year-old male, had been travelling to work along the M25 on his motorbike and was cut up by the Defendant driver. In response the client tapped the Defendant’s wing mirror and indicated to watch out for motorcyclists however, in a rage of anger the Defendant struck our client’s vehicle up to three times with his car and caused our client to fall into the path of an articulated lorry using the outside lane.


Due to Covid, there was a delay in the Defendant’s criminal case coming to Trial, but he was convicted in June 2022 for causing grievous bodily harm and causing serious injury by dangerous driving and received 4 years imprisonment and a 6-year driving ban.


Rehab journey and our role

As a result of the accident our client suffered multiple injuries including a spinal cord injury, C6 ASIA A tetraplegia. After undergoing an extensive surgical procedure at Hospital, he was later transferred to a spinal treatment centre for intensive rehabilitation for a period of 6 months.


Given the extent of our client’s injuries it was apparent that he would be unable to return to his family home, he would require a continuing extensive rehabilitation therapy team and need a substantial care package to assist with his daily living. Aspire Law LLP were keen to adopt a collaborative approach with the Defendant Insurers at an early stage and held several meetings to discuss our client’s progress and his immediate needs. This approach resulted in the Defendant insurers agreeing to provide funds, prior to settlement of the claim, under the rehabilitation code equating to £100,000 and a further £775,000 as an interim payment.


The funds provided under the Rehabilitation Code allowed the immediate instruction of a case manager and property finder to source a suitable property, and an architect and builders to be commissioned to undertake all the necessary property adaptions so that the accommodation was ready for our client’s discharge. The funds also allowed our client to have a substantial private care agency package in place as well as a full spread of rehabilitation therapies and various pieces of equipment.



Having obtained all the necessary expert evidence Aspire Law LLP invited the Defendant Insurers to a joint settlement meeting to see if an agreement on settlement could be reached, without the need for issuing Court proceedings.


The settlement meeting was productive and although settlement wasn’t reached on the day, it was only a matter of weeks that followed, and compensation was agreed in the sum of £12,100,000 which was in addition to the funds already received under the Rehabilitation Code, of £100,000.


Here’s what Damian Horan, Legal Director at Aspire Law, had to say: “I am delighted we were able to secure this settlement. Whilst it will never turn the clock back and truly compensate our client it will nevertheless provide him with financial security and make sure he has the support he requires to live an independent a life as possible”


Here’s what Amanda Brown, Solicitor at Aspire Law, had to say: “There is no doubt that he underwent extreme stress owing to the criminal proceedings running alongside his personal injury claim however, it was a pleasure to work closely with our client and his rehabilitation team to make sure his personal injury claim ran as smoothly and drew to conclusion as quickly as possible. With the conclusion of both the criminal proceedings and his personal injury claim our client will now be able to move forward with the peace of mind of much-needed financial security.”


Here’s what Rob Weir KC, had to say: “I am delighted we were able to bring this case to a successful conclusion. Damian and Amanda at Aspire Law did a great job getting the case evidentially ready to secure a settlement without the need for drawn out court proceedings. It demonstrates the value of choosing an experienced team to act for you”

Road Rage

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