£11.5 million for a young woman hit by a car

We were able to secure an immediate interim payment to provide financial security to our client at the outset and an early admission of full liability from the driver’s insurers. Further large interim payments were secured and funding under the Rehabilitation Code, which enabled our client to fund early and ongoing rehabilitation, treatment, case management, support and equipment.


We were also able to re-house our client into suitable privately rented accommodation, which was adapted for her, and found and secured with the assistance of the client’s case manager and a specialist property finder. Our client’s case manager also helped our client put a professional support regime in place, funded by the interim payments obtained.


Our client made good progress in her rehabilitation and was able to walk again with the assistance of two crutches, but only for short distances, and she also required the use of a wheelchair. After the obtaining of a number of reports across the expert disciplines and consulting with these experts, the case was settled at a Joint Settlement Meeting with the Defendants’ legal team for £11.5 million. This settlement will provide financial security for the rest of our client’s life and ensure that she has funding for all her needs, which will increase as she gets older.


Part of the assessment of our client’s damages involved assessing how her career would have progressed had she not been injured, and we obtained witness evidence from her employer and input from an employment expert as part of this process. This is what our client had to say at the end of the case:
“Damian, James and Chris There will never be enough words to express my gratitude to you all for all your support and guidance over what has been the most difficult five years of my life. Your kindness and resilience on this journey can never be forgotten nor will it ever be.


Your hard work has allowed me to hopefully get some closure and please Godmaybe start to rebuild my life. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.”

Car accident

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