Spinal Cord Injury Claims - Changing Solicitor

Changing solicitor

There is no cure for spinal cord injury.  An injury to the spinal cord often leaves an individual with some degree of paralysis and loss of function.  To help compensate for this, and to maintain independence, equipment and assistance are usually required.  These can be very expensive.   As a result, securing a successful compensation claim is often the only option.

Every year over around 1200 lives are transformed by a spinal cord injury. Whilst not all have a claim, a good proportion do, and so it is unsurprising that not all these individuals are fortunate enough to find a match with their first solicitor.  If you're at all unhappy with your solicitor for any reason at all, then the good news is that you are entitled to change solicitor at any point.


The most common reasons that people change their Spinal Injury Solicitor


Poor Service

The primary catalyst for most people to drive them to change their spinal injury solicitor stems from the receipt of poor service.

Poor service can come in many forms; whether your solicitor seems off or unfocused or lacks the necessary technical skill/knowledge, whether you have concerns about the length of time that your case is taking, whether if you feel uncomfortable with the way that you're  being treated or indeed something else. If you experience or feel any of the above then you should raise these concerns directly with your solicitor. More often than not these feelings of unease are due to a misunderstanding - which normally can be straightened out. 

However, if after addressing these issues you still feel dissatisfied with the response and service that you are receiving, then you may wish to change solicitor or at least seek a second opinion. Aspire Law, with their expertise in spinal cord injury claims, can quickly assess the standard of service given and provide a fast opinion.


You did not choose your Spinal Injury Solicitor

The second most common reason that individuals wish to change spinal injury solicitor is when the individuals themselves have not chosen the solicitor representing them.

For instance, an insurer may have recommended a partner legal firm. Whilst some of these may do a good job, it is crucial to remember your rights as a consumer to independently select your spinal injury lawyer.  

Following an insurer's recommendations can seem easier. However, as spinal cord injury is a personal and far reaching injury, choosing a solicitor who has the technical knowledge/skill, that you feel comfortable and reassured by is of vital importance. If these basics are not in place at the start of a compensation case, it is far too common that we see people wanting to change solicitors, even when they are halfway through their claim. 

It is worth taking the time to secure a second opinion at the start of your spinal injury compensation case to save valuable time, money and upset.

At Aspire Law, each of our specially trained solicitors has the highest level of knowledge. We also go out of our way to break down all complex legal jargon so that you and your family are wholly included in the progression of your case. We are also committed to ensuring that you feel in complete control of your case and remain in full understanding every step of the way.


Not Accepted by a Solicitor

As sad as it is, another commonality between those seeking to change solicitor, is that they were originally rejected by their initial choice of spinal injury lawyer because their case was classed as “not viable.”

This means that your first-choice solicitor is not willing to take on the risk of potentially not winning your case. They will only accept those cases where they are guaranteed to win.

At Aspire Law - partners of Aspire Charity - we do things differently. We completely appreciate that we are dealing with real people and real lives and for many spinal injured individuals, a compensation case and fair financial settlement really can be absolutely game changing: it can often mean the difference between independence or not.

If you have been rejected by you first choice solicitor it is imperative that you get a second opinion.  Please contact us today to discuss your options and hear how Aspire Law may be able to help.


Unhappy with a Compensation Settlement for your Spinal Cord Injury

A final reason that you may wish to review your choice of spinal injury solicitor could be that they may have secured a compensation claim you feel falls short of what you should be entitled to. 

There is no hiding that this can often lead to a very awkward and/or disappointing situation. Without another expert opinion, it can be difficult to know if such a settlement is appropriate and in fair proportion to the level of injury and losses sustained.

In a similar way, there may be times in the midst of your case when your chosen solicitor acts incorrectly which can result in a financial loss - either directly to you or a loss off your spinal injury compensation settlement.

If you resonate with either of these scenarios, then Aspire Law may be able to help. We can aid you in changing solicitor, offering a second opinion or even by reviewing the way that your initial solicitor handled your case.  This can often help as it can provide peace of mind and closure to a feeling of unfair conduct.

If we do indeed find that after reviewing all evidence, that your first spinal injury lawyer and solicitor, in particular, did act improperly which caused you a monetary loss, then we can help you claim this back in the form of compensation due to professional negligence.


Second Opinion: An important step when choosing or changing your Spinal Injury Lawyer

With the very nature of spinal injury being a hugely personal, emotional and delicate injury, it is a good idea to seek a second opinion from a specialist spinal injury law firm, such as Aspire Law. 

A second opinion will often clarify whether you are getting the right level of service and support from your existing legal services provider and whether they have adequate knowledge and expertise. 

Choosing or changing your solicitor can be a difficult decision and one which you feel almost overwhelmed with different firms. At Aspire Law we aim to streamline this process to make it as simple as possible; we understand that you are already going through an immensely difficult time.  

If you have recently chosen a spinal injury solicitor (or just undecided), Aspire Law will let you know whether your solicitor is getting you the best deal. Here's when a second opinion can be invaluable and offer you that all important peace of mind.


Aspire Law: The Spinal Injury Lawyers

At Aspire Law we work closely with our partners and spinal cord injury charity Aspire. This means that alongside legal services, we are best placed to offer practical help. This can be via assistive devices, grants, housing help or even simply talking.

We understand that a spinal injury compensation claim won't turn the clock back, but a successful claim can help manage the substantial costs associated with adjusting to as independent a life as possible post-injury.

Contact Us

If you want more information about changing solicitors, the claim process, discuss a second opinion or whether you are unsure if you have a case, please get in touch today.

Aspire law can offer a fair and genuine discussion with you about your case, your current solicitor and then if required we will make it as easy and as un-awkward as possible for you to change solicitors - even half way through a claim. 

If you want to find out more, please contact us to hear how we deliver our services and can help you change spinal cord injury. 


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