Our client Mr S, a young man in his early 20s was on a camping holiday in France with his girlfriend when he was involved in a collision with another motorist on the motorway just outside Nice. My client was severely injured in the accident and sustained a spinal cord injury at T2/3 which left him an incomplete paraplegic.


How we helped

Our client contacted us through the internet shortly after the accident had happened, and we started work on the case straight away.

We contacted the defendant via the insurance company, and using our knowledge of EU law were able to commence legal proceedings in England. Our negotiations with the liability insurer led to an early admission of liability. This enabled us to secure substantial interim payments for our client, which combined with a contribution from his insurance company paid for private rehabilitation.


The outcome

We settled the case in a short time for our client and secured for him a very substantial 6 figure settlement. Our client went on to make a full recovery and to live an independent life.