Miss A was travelling as a front seat passenger when the vehicle she was travelling in collided with a lamp-post and trees.  As a result she sustained a neck fracture.  She was subsequently diagnosed with Tetraplegia, which left her permanently paralysed from the shoulders down. 

Initial Help

During her time in hospital Miss A achieved a degree of independence able to propel herself in a light wheelchair but was otherwise dependant on others.   Miss A was very motivated to engage in further rehabilitation and so we arranged for additional private rehabilitation through the Wellington Hospital in central London.  We also secured a number of significant interim payments which enabled Miss A to purchase vital equipment, rent a central London apartment and engage the services of a case manager and employ a number personal assistants.

Ongoing Support

Miss A’s claim is ongoing.  Currently her needs are being met entirely through the claims process via interim payments to include rent, care/case management, transport and an income for Miss A to spend on her activities of daily living.    

The Outcome of the Compensation Claim

Currently evidence is being gathered from a relatively long list of experts who will identify Miss A’s needs and costs these for her.   Miss A’s losses are calculated from the date of the accident and long into the future based on her life expectancy.  Whilst the final figure is yet to be fully quantified Miss A is expected to recover well in excess of £10 million, which will ensure she has sufficient income to support her and her family for the rest of her life.