Mr M was in his 30's and living in Hampshire. A friend invited him to spend the day on his high powered motor boat in the English Channel.

The owner of the boat drove recklessly and at excessive speeds and at one point the boat rose high into the air and crashed down onto an oncoming wave. Mr M suffered a serious spinal injury as the boat crashed back down onto the water.

Mr M was taken back to the shore and transferred to hospital where it was discovered that he had sustained a double lumbar fracture of the spine.


How we helped

We issued proceedings against the owner of the boat for causing Mr M’s injury.

As the incident happened at sea, legal jurisdiction lay with the Admiralty Courts in London. We have solicitors who are familiar with this system.

The case was further complicated because the boat owner denied liability and he did not have an insurance policy. We investigated exactly what assets he did own and were able to secure a charge against his main property.


The outcome

Mr M was awarded a significant 6 figure sum  in compensation.