Untraced Driver 

Mr M had previously been told he did not have a claim. He came to Aspire Law hoping we could help. Mr M was injured when he was travelling on his motorcycle.The vehicle travelling ahead of him braked suddenly and turned right into a road without indicating. Mr M was unable to stop his motorcycle and collided with the rear of a car directly in front of him. As a result of the accident Mr M sustained a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia (T3 complete injury) and associated complications, a bleed to the brain, fractured ribs, a fractured scapular and depression.The Defendant driver did not stop at the accident scene, and could not be traced. 


Initial Help

The case was pursued through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) via the Untraced Drivers Agreement. Initially the MIB rejected the claim/denied liability on the basis of the pleaded facts. They argued Mr M should have been travelling at a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of him, and been aware of the possibility of vehicles turning into the junction. Aspire Law appealed the decision and successfully argued that despite the facts Mr M was entitled to recover from the defendant who should have indicated his intention to turn right. Liability has since been agreed…


Ongoing support

Mr M is delighted with the outcome of his claim.  With liability now agreed he has been able to receive interim payments to help him with the cost of equipment, care, accommodation and activities of daily living. He and his family are now well supported through the claims process.


The outcome of the Compensation Claim

The valuation of Mr M’s case is ongoing. Aspire Law are obtaining the necessary expert reports/evidence to illustrate and support Mr M’s losses to arrive at a final figure that will be presented to the MIB for settlement. Whilst the sum is yet to be finalised Mr M is likely to receive damages well into seven figures.