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Road Traffic Accident Client Stories

Passenger Seriously Injured in a Road Traffic Accident

Our client Miss X was a passenger in a car when she was involved in a serious road accident. At the time of the accident, she was a young child and she sustained an injury at L2 which left her permanently paralysed from the waist down.


How We Helped with Spinal Cord Injury

Because Miss X was the passenger in the car, we were able to obtain an early admission of liability by the third party insurers. This came as a great relief to Miss X and her family as it allowed them to concentrate fully on recovery and rehabilitation safe in the knowledge that a compensation award was being secured.


The Outcome of the Compensation Claim

We secured a substantial 7 figure compensation award for our client which has provided her with the necessary funds to enable her to live in adapted accommodation and purchase the necessary equipment and transport she needs to live as independently as possible. We have assisted our client also with the investment and management of her funds so that she has sufficient income to support her through the rest of her life.