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Motorcycle accident client stories

Car Driver hits Motorcyclist Causing Serious Spinal Injury

Mr M, a 25-year-old motorcycle enthusiast sustained a serious spinal injury when an overtaking manoeuvre went badly wrong. The driver of the car being overtaken failed to notice our client and clipped the side of his bike as he went past causing him to fall off at high speed. Mr M sustained a serious spinal injury and a brachial plexus injury.

How We Helped with his Spinal Injury Claim

Liability, in this case, was heavily disputed for several years. The defendants produced evidence which indicated that Mr M had been speeding at over 85 miles an hour at the time of the accident, arguing that it was our client's excessive speed and not the car driver's negligence that caused the accident.

We contested liability very strongly and engaged one of the most experienced barristers in the country in constructing a powerful opposing argument. This allowed us to negotiate a 25% reduction in the compensation award for contributory negligence on behalf of our client.

The Outcome for Mr M

Mr M received  a substantial 7 figure compensation award which enabled him to live independently and pay for the necessary adaptations to his home.