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Accidents at work client stories

RSJs fall onto Worker Causing Tetraplegia

Accident at Work

Mr C was at work when a load of steel RSJ’s fell from a forklift truck onto him. He sustained a C4 spinal cord injury as a result of the accident. His injuries affected the use of his arms, trunk, legs and breathing. He was wheelchair dependent and unable to self propely.


Initial Help

Prior to the accident Mr C lived at home with his wife, his son and daughter. Their home was privately rented, over two stories. The property was unsuitable. Aspire Law engaged the services of a case manager to provide an Immediate Needs Assessment. The report from the case manager highlighted Mr C’s current requirements to include equipment, care and the urgent need for alternative accommodation. Aspire Law obtained a large interim payment and instructed the services of a professional property agent to locate a suitable four bedroomed bungalow for Mr C and his family to live in following Mr C’s discharge home from hospital.


Ongoing Support

With the interim payment received Mr C was discharged from hospital to a suitable temporary property whilst the value of his claim was investigated. He was also provided with a case manager and a team of assistants to support Mr C and his family.


The outcome of the Compensation Claim

The claim is ongoing. Further interim payments will be received until the conclusion of the claim. These payments will allow Mr C and his family to remain together and for Mr C to receive the support, services and equipment required due to his injury.  Aspire Law has instructed a long list of experts necessary to investigate Mr C’s injury and the affects on him and his family. Whilst the amount is yet to be determined Mr C is likely to receive many millions of pounds in compensation. Also a brand new family home is being investigated under the claim.