Case studies | Accidents at work client stories

Accidents at work client stories

A 20ft fall that caused paraplegia

Ms A was in her late 20's when she sustained a severe spinal injury at work that resulted in paraplegia. A busy working mum with two children, Ms A was working in a London pub when the accident happened.

Ms A was in the middle of a busy shift when someone left the trap door open to the cellar after they had gone to change a barrel. As a result, she fell 20 feet and sustained a severe spinal cord injury that caused paraplegia.

How We Helped

Ms A’s family instructed us very soon after the accident. That allowed us to take detailed and accurate witness statements. We also obtained CCTV footage that showed us exactly how the accident happened.

The employer quickly admitted liability and that enabled us to obtain early interim payments to pay for the very best care and rehabilitation for our client.

The Outcome

Ms A was awarded a substantial 7 figure settlement. The award has allowed her to live independently with her two children.