The Law Society Excellence Awards: Shortlisted

The law society excellence awards

We are delighted to announce that Aspire Law has recently been shortlisted for The Law Society Excellence Awards for Excellence in Business Development.


Celebrating Excellence in the Legal Profession

In 2016, The Law Society is celebrating ten years of recognising the best of the legal profession. Aspire Law’s place on the Excellence Awards finalist list is a clear acknowledgement of our exceptional work and the exceptional levels of service that we continue to deliver to our clients.

Excellence in Business Development specifically celebrates ways that firms are evolving to meet ever-changing client expectations and business environments. Nothing could be truer than the individually client-focused business model that Aspire Law has been built upon:


Why Aspire Law has been Shortlisted for Excellence in Business Development

Aspire Law has worked hard to develop initiatives that challenge convention and create greater value for both the industry and our clients. When Aspire Law was created, we recognised that for spinally injured people there were three areas where the legal world fell significantly short:

Firstly, a lack of competition meant that customers were not looking for a firm that best suited their needs or requirements. Instead, they were instructing and relying on the first firm they found, which was often worlds apart from what they needed. This was because of the marketplace, as we found it, was dominated by a small number of national firms with a strong presence online and inside specialist NHS rehabilitation centres.

Secondly, because leading national firms were the only choice, there was a distinct lack of value for money. Customers were subject to huge deductions from their damages via success fees and other devices.

We and our partners at Aspire, the UK’s leading national spinal injury charity, found this particularly distressing. We know that adapting and adjusting to living with a spinal cord injury is anything but cheap. A successful compensation claim can make all the difference and so to take a large sum of this away, we considered to be morally unjust and quite simply pointless.

Aspire, in turn, receives 50% of the profit to reinvest back into the charitable work it does, providing significant and sustainable benefit.

Thirdly, we found an astonishing failure to provide holistic services to complex cases such as spinal cord injuries. Most firms were unable to help customers with the range of issues that they experienced in the time after injury and focused solely on the legality. 

As a result, Aspire Law offers a completely client-focused model that delivers a holistic service from day one. All internal processes are tailored to ensure that solicitors are focussed on addressing the legal as well as psychological, care and rehabilitation needs of clients


What Makes Aspire Law so special?

The combination of Aspire and Aspire Law’s operating styles means that, as a firm, we understand the needs of spinal cord injured individuals and their families.

We have built an extensive network of partners, experts and supporters. We have also produced a free information guide called the Directory that offers useful advice, contacts and more. You can read or download this guide here.

As a result of Aspire Law’s existence, clients who have recently sustained a spinal cord injury are now being given a wider choice in the type of firm they go with. They are thinking more carefully about the financial settlement they hope to achieve as well as the immediate support that can be offered by a firm like Aspire Law.

Clients of Aspire Law also have access to our in-house public law team. Our internal assessment tool ensures that any client with a housing, care, or rehabilitation issue is given the appropriate assistance at the time that they require it. 

Importantly, Aspire Law has shown how focusing on one single speciality has benefits for customers and creates opportunities for significant career progression for our staff. 

We hope that we will be the first of many so that great improvements can be experienced and celebrated by other legal firms, charities and importantly, those who need it most of all - our clients.

We are sincerely looking forward to The Law Society Excellence Awards results and would like to thank our amazing team at Aspire Law for making this possible.


Aspire Law

Aspire Law is a specialist law firm for people with Spinal Cord Injury that presents a unique and sustainable charitable offering. Having been created via a social enterprise partnership between Aspire, the UK’s leading national spinal injury charity, and Moore Barlow, a legal firm renowned for its personal injury work.

Because we are in the privileged position to fully understand how personal and intricate these cases can be and just how life-changing a successful result can be, Aspire Law has been wholly designed to be a legal service that fully meets the needs of spinally injured people.

We have very in depth and not to mention recent expertise in helping people who have been injured in all sorts of accidents, even those where they may be partly to blame. Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if you do just want some spinal cord injury legal advice or a friendly and impartial second opinion, we at Aspire Law are more than happy to help.


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