Aspire Law sponsors paralympic hopeful Marcus Perrineau Daley’s new wheelchair

Aspire Law has sponsored Marcus’ new racing wheelchair to help him achieve his goal of becoming the best T52 racer in the world. Marcus’ story is one of triumph after he turned a life-changing spinal cord injury into an opportunity to excel in the world of wheelchair racing. 

Marcus Perrineau Daley

In 2014, Marcus was a 25-year-old close protection operative and fitness model who lost control of his motorbike while riding through the country lanes of Box Hill, Surrey. The accident left him with a complete spinal cord injury at C8, leaving him with no use or sensation of his legs and trunk, and reduced use and sensation of his arms and hands. Despite the severity of his injury, Marcus refused to let it define him and worked tirelessly to regain his independence and pursue his passion for fitness.


After spending six months at the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre in Stanmore, Marcus qualified as a personal trainer specialising in people with disabilities. He also returned to the gym and learned how to do adapted weightlifting, which gave him the confidence to try adapted wheelchair boxing.


In 2020, Marcus discovered his talent for wheelchair racing and began training with the Weir Archer Academy. He has since been internationally classified as a T52 wheelchair racer and signed a contract with GB Athletics.


Aspire Law were approached by Occupational Therapist, Emma Linley, to see if we could help fund a bespoke racing wheelchair for Marcus. The wheelchair he had been racing in was heavy, unstable, and not strong enough, all of which was holding him back from reaching his full potential.


Aspire Law decided to sponsor Marcus’ new racing wheelchair because as a firm that supports people with spinal cord injuries, we recognised the immense potential that Marcus has as a wheelchair racer and the importance of providing him with the right equipment to help him reach his full potential. By sponsoring his new racing wheelchair, Aspire Law is not only supporting Marcus’ journey to success but also highlighting the importance of adaptive sports and the incredible athletes who participate in them.


Aspire Law’s sponsorship of Marcus is a testament to their commitment to helping people with spinal cord injuries achieve independence and fulfil their potential regardless of whether they have a claim for compensation. We have a proven track record of supporting clients with specialist legal and rehabilitation services, and our sponsorship of Marcus’ new wheelchair is a demonstration of our continued support for those living with spinal cord injuries.


Thanks to Aspire Law’s sponsorship, Marcus now has a bespoke racing wheelchair that is allowing him to train harder and achieve much faster times. He will be competing in various 100m and 400m Championships during 2023, and he is determined to win gold.


Aspire Law is proud to support Marcus in his journey and we wish him all the best in his upcoming races.